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Nov 25
  • Nanocid Colloid

    Nanosilver colloid

     Nanosilver colloid is exhibited in gel and liquid phases and with water and mineral bases. This material contains Nanosilver particles in different concentrations. In all colloids, we should be able to mix these particles (such... Read More

  • Nanocid Gloves

    Antimicrobial Gloves

    Natural latex gloves prevent microbes from accumulating, in all long glove's shelf life; its quality has been enriched by the use of NANOCID. After one minute of microbial contamination, the gloves will be sterilized by the NAN... Read More

  • Nanocid Masterbatch

    Nanocid Masterbatch

    Read More
  • Nanocid Powder

    Nanocid Powder

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Nano Silver


This Nanotechnology is a Technology which deals with particles in the size of  10-9 meter. Each particle is called Nano particle that recently has attracted scientists. This attraction has been occurred due to the change in quality of an element while reducing its size to Nano scale. Silver had been known by our ancestors as food spoiling preservative that they made Silver cask to store milk or water. They had used silver coins in treating soldiers; wounds in battle fields.more ...

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Textile Application

  • •The average of particle size (Ag+TiO2) is 150 nanometer.
    •Silver particle, super-small state, is minutely set in and out so that it gives prominent efficacy when washed even hundred times.
    •Applications: Filament, Staple Fiber, Filter, Nonwoven Fabric (filter, sanitary napkin, mask, fabric), toothbrush, and wig


Polymers Application

  • One of the most important applications of Nanocid composite , is its usage for production of different kinds of antimicrobial polymers which leads to appearance of new group of polymers in the world and changing this products market . So production of NANOCID can greatly change upper polymeric industries by the use of technical knowledge.More


Ceramic Application

  • •P- Nanocid Group : During Bal mill operation, in order to produce fine powders from crystal frit, Nanocid powder is added to frit. Then the produced slurry will be diffused on the tiles or ceramic surfaces, to be entered to the cooking stage.
    •L- Nanocid Group : After frit preparation, colloid silver with specified volume percentage, is added to water which exists in the Ball Mill. The silver concentrations in the finished product should be 500 ppm.More


Paint Application

  • •P- Nanocid group This kind can be mixed with water or organic based paints and resin types.The type and the quantity of the powder is chosen according to the delicateness of the application and desired effects.
    •L- Nanocid group L-Group is compatible with water based paints and LC
    group is compatible with organic based paints.The type and the quantity of the nanocid colloid is chosen according to the sensitiveness of the application .More


Agriculture Application

  • •Nanocid is effective on controlling pathogen agents in under control greenhouses and plantation environments. Nanocid can be used in sterilization of agriculture tools and equipments, farms, plantation bed, seed sterilization, packing, sterilization of bottles and gallon.
    •Nanocid has considerable effects on essence shelf life and pharmaceutical plants.more

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